New state of mind!

New haircut, new mindset!

To mark a special event, a change of course or a fresh start, a new haircut has been shown to make your life new and to approach things with more envy. So what is the point of a new haircut and how does it affect our state of mind? How to proceed before taking the plunge and changing your mind? This section covers the question for you.

Reasons to resort to makeover

As Lila Rhiyou says in her book “Your hair, mirror of your soul”, hair reflects our physical, psychic and spiritual state. Thus, a new haircut influences our mind and can be a solution to depression or a stimulus to be more confident. In addition, the health of our hair depends on the quality of our diet, our moods or the sports we do.

The benefits of a new haircut

In addition, taking the step to change your mind also allows you to:

  • Send a message: it is indeed a good way to express our personality and show who we are
  • Being cheerful: It is a source of joy, because cutting your hair, for example, can be considered a therapeutic gesture that provides inner peace
  • Take care of yourself: the fact that it enhances us makes us take better care of ourselves and our general appearance
  • Supporting a change: this is one of the most common reasons for a change in hair look

A new cut: the steps to follow

Since this is an important decision, some steps should be taken such as:

  • The documentation: you have to find the cut that suits you best
  • The virtual makeover: it allows you to build a definitive virtual image of yourself after your change
  • Taming your image: you need to familiarize yourself with this image and find the positive factors that will guide your decision
  • Avoid influence: whether it's current trends or advice from your loved ones, listen only to your wishes and be yourself

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