How to properly maintain your beard?

How to properly maintain your beard?

What woman wouldn't fall for a bearded man? Chic, but also rebellious, the beard has the gift of changing everyone's personality. What is more, it is a real asset of seduction. However, its maintenance requires a few daily actions. Which ones?

Preparation and hydration of the skin

There is nothing more unpleasant than a tight skin under the beard! This is why the first step in maintaining your beard is moisturizing the face. Rinse it first with hot water to open the pores and then cleanse with an exfoliating soap. In this way, dandruff as well as dead skin will be eliminated. As the epidermis is renewed, your skin will no longer lose its elasticity.

Get rid of dirt from your beard

The beard is a nest of dirt. Dust, food, drink and even germs can settle quickly without noticing it. What deserves a daily cleaning. To do this, equip yourself with a special beard shampoo. Do not use those made for the hair, because the texture is not the same. Thus, one of the daily actions to adopt is washing the beard with lukewarm water and shampoo.

Nourish your beard with specific products

Just like the hair, the beard needs specific care. And to have a soft and silky goatee, use balms and oils every day. Otherwise it will be rough and prickly. If you want to nourish your hair, choose argan oil or olive oil. A few drops will be enough to deeply nourish and soften your fleece. For a beautiful, shiny beard, opt for pure shea butter or castor oil. Don't forget to comb it out after the treatment. Use animal hair brushes rather than plastic brushes.

Apart from that, maintaining a beard also involves an occasional cut at your home or at the barber. In any case, taking care of your beard is mandatory so as not to pass for a caveman.

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